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I'm 38 years old, a software engineer with a myriad of interests.  I live in Ft. Collins Colorado.  I have bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University.  My favorite color is purple, my favorite food is Thai, and my quest is to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest through travel.
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   I really enjoy cooking in all forms.  I'm very interested in cultural
   cooking and combined with my love of travel, I love going to
   exotic places and learning to cook ethnic cuisines.
   I've been brewing beer, mead and wine for about 14 years now.
   I have won many awards during my 'competive years', including
   a silver medal at the AHA nationals, 3 golds at the Mazer cup,
   and the Colorado Homebrewer of the Year.
   I brew quite frequently and since 1998 I've retired from
   entering competions.  My brewery is called the Renegade
   Brewpub and I have a great rec. room and 10' bar with
   two taps in my basement (the pub).  I'm also the owner
   of the Giggly Pig Meadery where I make my meads:
Gaelic Giggle Juice, Too Hot to Trot, Global Warming
Romance with the Unseen and Druid Fluid
   I'm a member of the
Pourdre Keg Brewering Club. My favorite 
   styles of beer are German Rauchbier, Russian Stout and
   Belgian Saison.  My favorite meads are usually brewed with
   spices, especially cinnamon and chili pepper.
   I made a goal in 1991 to travel to enough countries to completely
   fill my passport before it expired.  I missed by 4 countries.  Over
   the years my favorite trips have been: Trans-Siberian Rail across
   Russia, Camel Trek across the Uzbekistan desert along the
   Silk Road, Norwegian north coast, and touring Latvia, Estonia
   and St. Petersburg Russia.
   My upcoming trip(s): Backpacking, Camping and Kayaking in
   Southern Chile from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
   I love to write.  I play around with writing parodies and some
   Science Fiction.  I always loved writing poetry for people I
   really care about.  Lately, I've been writing
movie reviews
   under the pseudoname
Scotch Tasting
   I have a passion for single malt scotch.  I'm a member of a
   tasting club that meets about once a quarter.  I'm also a
   member of the Scotish Single Malt Society and traveled
   to Scotland to interview brewmasters at 20 distilleries
   in the Spey valley.
Science Fiction
   I love SciFi.  My library of books includes over 500 SciFi
   titles (more than any other genre I've collected).  I love
   too many authors to list here.  Maybe someday I'll create
   a scifi.html page here.
British Television
   I'm a definate Anglophile.  I've always appreciated a dry
   British sense of humor.  I also like the bizzare and in-your-face
   styles like Monty Python.  Some of my favorite shows are:
      Red Dwarf,  Chef!,  Mulberry,  All Creatures Great and Small
      Blake's 7, The Prisoner,
    I'm a avid reader.  I average 1 or 2 books a week and i've been
   known to devour up to 7 books in a weekend.  In addition to
   the Sci Fi, I love good historical fiction (and non-fiction).  I
   have many favorite authors.  Outside the ficiton genre, I like
   James Burke (Connections, Pinball Effect, ...).
   I take to water like a fish.  At least half of my travels in the world
  have been to places that I can swim, kayak or snorkel.  I also
  choose swimming at my workout activity.  I'm usually found
  at the Pulse most night doing my 1 mile in laps.
   Definate toonatic here.  I love good cartoons.  I collect Disney
   figurines (WDCC editions) and some cells.  I usually go
   by the moniker "Wile E" when I'm playing NTN trivia at the
   local bars.
Pigs (no, I don't know why)
   Somewhere in my life I started collecting pig figurines.  That
   exploded into anything porcine related.  I have a 3 foot, pink,
   stuff pig named Chester to greet guests at my door, pig
   wall paper borders in my kitchen and a giant pig in a butcher's
   apron holding a chalkboard saying "Eat more chicken!".  You
   name it, I probably have it.  From spoon rests to pot holders
   to slippers.
Halloween Parties
   Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love costume parties.
   Every year I host a halloween party the weekend before
   the 31st.  Click
here to grab a party flyer.
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